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The Hydroseeding Advantage
The Advantages of Hydroseeding Hydroseeding is a fast cost effective way to have a new healthy lawn that will turn your neighbours green with envy. Hydroseeding cost only a little more than old fashioned methods using dry seeding techniques combined with a messy straw mulch.  The cost to have your new lawn hydroseeded is less than 1/4 the cost of using sod and in a few weeks you will have a better appearing lawn with no need to worry if the sod will take. Your new lawn will be sprayed on; the protective mulch covering has an attractive green appearance.  A special blend of seeds will be used that will be chosen for the conditions and requirements you have. The factors that may go into the choice may be the amount of sun, shade, terrain, type of soil and if you have children or pets. Your lawn will be hydoseeded with a tested high quality certified turf mix.  Germination time will depend on the weather, the time of year, amount of water, the area you live in and other factors. Usually grass will be visible in 5-7 days; a few days slower in cold weather or during the hottest part of summer.
Advantages of Hydroseeding Over Sod Sod is a good solution to the need for a new lawn although it is expensive.  Sod generally costs 3-5 times more than hydroseeding.  Hydroseeding will often produce turf as nice looking as sod within a very short time at a significant cost savings. With hydroseeding the new seedlings are grown on your soil; sod can have a problem with the type of soil it was grown on not having sufficient compatibility with the soil it is planted on.  This is called "not taking". If you have ever seen sod that looks like it could be rolled right back up even years after it was planted; that is sod that did not take.  With sod the roots are chopped off resulting in a less healthy plant. With sod it is important to have sod installed by someone who has a lot of experience.  Sod will shrink over the first month and if it is not installed properly, gaps will open up between the sod rows. It is vital that a substantial amount of water is applied as soon as sod is in place otherwise the sod can be damaged or lost if the proper amount of water is not applied.

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